Raah International group has more than 4 decades of experience in the provision of procurement and supply chain solutions worldwide. We started as a small retailer for tools and hardware in the automobile industry, and expanded and diversified over the years to offer supply chain solutions for clients in the Oil and Gas, Aviation, Construction, Maritime and other related industries. Raah International has recently (2010) set-up Headquarters in Singapore, with branch offices in US, India and Indonesia. We service our clients are worldwide including, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Nigeria and more.


Offer innovative solutions in resolving clients’ challenges by:

  1. Suggesting alternative products and service
  2. Exploiting our physical presence in prime locations in Singapore, US, Indonesia, India and agents in Malaysia, Brunei, Nigeria
  3. Capitalizing on technology
  4. Using our experience and qualified expertise


We have recently set up a division to cater to the Safety needs of the various industries including Oil and Gas and related energy sectors such as Refineries, Mining, Petrochemical, Power and others, as well as Construction, Aviation, F&B and other related sectors. Kindly visit our website at www.raahsafety.com for more information on our innovative products for Health and Safety.