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Pipe, Tubing, Hose & Fittings

Pipe, Tubing, Hose & Fittings

Pipe fittings are devices that join pipes and other products, so you can create a pipeline. These are often metal or plastic piping, and they carry fluids. Connecting pipes requires the use of fittings to form a secure and functional pipeline. Made for maximum reliability, find all tube fitting and pipeline construction accessories below.

Pipe Fittings & Pipe

There are a number of different types of pipe fittings available. Some common ones include crosses, caps, swage nipples, tees, reducers, unions, couplings, etc. These can be used for a variety of purposes, including domestic water supply. Available models include:

  1. Stainless Steel Threaded Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  2. Stainless Steel Unthreaded Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  3. Low-Pressure Iron and Steel Threaded Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  4. High-Pressure Iron and Steel Threaded Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  5. Medium-Pressure Iron and Steel Threaded Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  6. Extreme-Pressure Steel Threaded Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  7. Iron and Steel Unthreaded Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  8. Iron and Steel Clamp-On Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  9. Iron and Steel Pipe Fittings with Flanged Ends
  10. Brass and Bronze Threaded Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  11. Brass and Bronze Unthreaded Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  • 12. Aluminum Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  • 13. Copper-Nickel Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  • 14. Titanium Threaded Pipe Fittings
  • 15. Pipe Size Measuring Kits
  • 16. Plastic Pipe and Pipe Fittings for Water
  • 17. Plastic Pipe and Pipe Fittings for Chemicals
  • 18. Gravity-Flow Plastic Pipe and Pipe Fittings for Chemical Waste
  • 19. Plastic Pipe and Pipe Fittings for Drain, Waste, and Vent
  • 20. Plastic Pipe Fittings for Oil and Gasoline
  • 21. Plastic Pipe Fitting Plugs for Food and Beverage

Pipe Hangers

Pipe hanger equipment attaches to the pipe by a U bolt, clevis, or pipe clamp. The rod hanger provides support in the vertical direction and allows limited movement in the horizontal direction. Adjustments can be made by turning a pipe adjusting device located on top of the rod hanger. See all models below:

  1. Hangers for Pipe, Tube, and Conduit
  2. Routing Clamps
  3. Vibration-Damping Routing Clamps
  4. Plastic Routing Clamps
  5. Cut-to-Length Routing Clamps
  6. Loop Clamps
  7. Riser Clamps
  8. Adjustable Standoff Clamps
  9. U-Bolts
  10. Beam Clamps
  11. Floor Routing Support
  12. Railing Clamps
  13. Seismic Bracing Anchors and Brackets
  14. Standoff Brackets
  15. Tie Wire Hangers
  16. Strut-Mount Routing Saddles for Insulated Pipe
  17. Stud-Mount Routing Brackets
  18. Cable Tie Holsters
  19. Cable Tie
  20. Cable Tie Assortments
  21. Mountable Cable Ties
  • 22. Cable Holders
  • 23. Mountable Hook and Loop Cable Ties
  • 24. Hook and Loop Cable Ties
  • 25. Hook and Loop Cable Ties Assortments
  • 26. Hook and Loop Cable Ties with Handle
  • 27. Stainless Steel Hook and Loop Cable Ties
  • 28.Cut-to-Length Perforated Cable Ties
  • 29. Twist Ties
  • 30. Metal Cable Ties and Mounts
  • 31. Elastic Cable Ties
  • 32. Beaded Cable Ties and Mounts
  • 33. Threaded Rods and Studs
  • 34. Left-Hand to Right-Hand Male Thread Adapters
  • 35. Threaded Rod Assortments
  • 36. Weld-On Stud Anchors for Wet Concrete
  • 37. Wire Rope Lanyards—Not for Lifting
  • 38. Strut Channel Framing and Fittings
  • 39. Connecting Rods
  • 40. Float Rods
  • 41. Cable Clips for DIN Rails
  • 42. Vibration-Resistant Setup Studs

Pipe Joints

These pipe connection points are made to last and strengthen the pipeline. In addition, our uniquely constructed joints are helpful because pipelines may bend over longer lengths.

Pipe joints are categorized depending on the material, pressure sensitivity, durability, water tightness, and site conditions. See catalog for all available models.

Pipe & Tube Repair Clamps

Our repair clamps are typically used to repair pipework in industrial settings. They provide a quick and effective way to mitigate the issue, minimizing downtime.

Additionally, you can trust that our pipe repair clamps secure the pipe in place so that repairs can be made to damaged and leaky water, gas, or other pipes. When it comes to application, they keep the repaired pipe in place so that it doesn’t move while the fixes are being completed. Check out our catalog for all available models.

Pipe Flange Spreaders

Our Valve Out Flange Spreader is used to change gaskets. It’s often used in the water service and plumbing industry to change valves, spokes, spools, and disks.

When opening a step, start by sliding the spreader tool into the gap up to the heel with both halves of the step pushed together. Once in place, actuate the tool to widen the joint and insert Safety Blocks. Discover more by downloading our catalog.


We have convenient, customizable choices for shipping tubes, including square and round options.

If you work with high-temperature chemicals for scientific applications, use a resilient rubber tube that can hold up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. We offer hundreds of tubing options from numerous styles and sizes, including those in stock now. See catalog for all available models.

Tube Fittings

There are four styles of high to low-pressure tube fittings. One style is the lug-nut fitting, and another style is the glue-less Heckel type. The other two styles of high to low-pressure fittings are the double-anchor fitting and the turn-and-lock connection, which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Connectors connect two pipes of different lengths and are the most common pipe fitting. Other fittings include:

  1. Extenders push into a piping system to extend the overall length.
  2. Reducers, which fit inside a piping system to decrease its size.
  3. Transitions, which connect two different sized lines.

Tube Cutters

Wheeled pipe cutters are used to make cuts in copper, brass, and plastic pipes. Unlike a saw, they use a clean, uniform cut with a sharp metal wheel. Some professionals who would use this tool are plumbers, electricians, and HVAC workers. Check out all available models here.

Tube Flaring Tools

The most popular type of flaring tool is the bar-type which comes with bits that suit different tubing sizes. For tubing, the angle of the flare is 45-degree, while pipe flares are 37 degrees.

If you need tube flaring tools, we have our assortment. There are some vise-mount flare tools, hand-held ones, and in stock and ready to ship. See catalog for all available models.

Tube Benders

Pipe bending machines take a flat, straight piece of tubing and curve it in a controlled way. Types of pipe benders include press benders, rotary draw benders, and roll benders.

Our easy-to-use tube benders provide high-quality bends on any size of tubing, reducing installation time and effort. Explore all available models.


The intake manifold is the central air distribution system in most cars. The exhaust manifold pulls the exhaust gas from all cylinders and distributes it to one main pipe, which then goes through a turbocharger to compress the gas and make the car go faster. Download the catalog for more information.


Our industrial hose handles the broad spectrum of fluid transfer lines, including flow lines for fluids and gases in pneumatic, hydraulic, or process applications. It has a specialized application in heavy industries such as mining, geotechnical, and construction. See all models below.

Hose Fittings

We offer a variety of hose connectors. Find the one for your hose. All are reliable, durable and high-quality products.

With our high-quality hose fittings, your industrial machines will be running in just a day.

Hose Nozzles

Using spray nozzles, you can turn the water on and off without touching the main spigot. Our models also allow you to regulate how the water is pressurized, allowing for a wider range that results in a more even distribution of pressure.

When it comes to high pressure, the best hose nozzle is not sufficient. If you need a powerful spray option, look for a higher-pressure hose nozzle.

Hose & Tube Clamps

Our clamp is perfect if you need to support long lengths of hose. This clamp provides a neater installation of the hose.

The easy click closure makes it easy to open and close stop-it tubing clamps. In addition, our hose clips can help to squeeze or compact the hose in phases.

Hose Reels

Large high-risk environments need accessible and controlled fire prevention resources. Rather than being stationary, hose reels are best for when you need to move around the room quickly.

Industrial hose reels and cable reels to transport air, water, oil, and electricity are easily accessible. Our industrial hose reels come in stainless steel/aluminum for maximum durability.

Tank Fittings

Tank Connectors are tank fittings that attach to the walls of a tank. This connection has to be leakproof since it keeps the water from going in two directions.

You can choose from a wide variety of fittings, including thick-wall plastic pipe fittings and standard-wall plastic pipe fittings.

We offer a variety of fittings, including thick-wall plastic pipe fittings, standard-wall plastic pipe fittings, and more. For more information, get in touch with our field experts at RAAH Inetrnation. Order today and enjoy our discounted prices.

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