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Measuring & Inspecting Equipment

Measuring & Inspecting Equipment

Manufacturing businesses need to ensure that the components they make meet design criteria. Inspection and measuring equipment helps provide assurance and quality.

Unlike production-based activities, service and maintenance activities can also benefit from precision. Sound inspection processes make it possible to control the quality of your components.


Precise measuring tools are critical in different industries to ensure that products have been built or machined correctly. Tools can also be used to measure certain material features, such as the hardness or roughness of a material. In addition, high-end measuring solutions can optically measure a workpiece or specimen for testing purposes.

Measuring instruments types vs. stages of the production process:

  1. Pre-machining phase: Tools are important during the initial phases of production. Setting up a machine will depend on its type and size of it.
  2. During the machining process: The workpiece is inspected to make sure it’s being machined as intended.
  3. Inspection phase: The inspection phase involves verifying that the final product matches the original design and specification.
  4. Companies with a more limited production output may use a small sample size to provide quality control.

Dimensional Measuring

Dimensional measurement is of importance for interchangeability between different standard engineering processes and also for international trade.

Our dimensional measurement tools help you know and quantify the size and shape of things. We use a precise mechanism involving lengths, angles, and geometry to better understand the measurements as well as the fundamental importance of interchangeability in global trade.

We provide top-quality, affordable products, including dial indicators, digital calipers, micrometers, and tape measures. These tools are economical and easily accessible.

See all available models below:

  1. Rules
  2. Tape Rules
  3. Micrometers
  4. Calipers
  5. Feeler Gauges
  6. Height Gauges
  7. Depth Gauges
  8. Bore Gauges
  9. Thickness Gauges
  10. Dial Indicators
  11. Layout Tools
  12. Squares & Protractors
  13. Levels
  14. Compasses


Precision calibration equipment is crucial. Instruments such as sensors can be calibrated to measure parameters like temperature, pressure, and more. Eliminating inaccuracy by calibrating the instruments allows for a greater level of precision.

We offer instruments that help calibrate components in devices, where calibration is the process of configuring an instrument to provide a result for a sample within an acceptable range. This ensures accurate measurements that eliminate or minimize factors that would otherwise be inaccurate.

See all available models below:

  1. Gauge Blocks
  2. Plug Gauges
  3. Thread Gauges
  4. Parallels
  5. Surface Plates
  6. V-Blocks
  7. Thermo- meters
  8. Pressure Gauges
  9. Hydrostatic Pumps
  10. Test Weights


Machine inspection can be scheduled, purposeful, and proactive to reveal possible equipment issues. Get Industrial Equipment Testing and Industrial Equipment Certification to avoid these problems!

Using our ultra-precise tools, schedule preventative equipment, so you remain compliant and up to date with practices that match with the Industrial Equipment Testing and Industrial Equipment Certification.

See all available models below:

  1. Microscopes
  2. Magnifiers
  3. Inspection Mirrors
  4. Flaw Detectors
  5. Ultraviolet Lights
  6. Hardness Testers
  7. Scales
  8. Counters
  9. Force Gauges
  10. Water Quality & pH Testers
  11. Leak Detectors
  12. Multimeters & Electrical Testers

Motion & Speed Measuring

Measure the speed of your equipment to ensure it’s running smoothly. Implementing sensorless control over a wide speed range requires that more measurements be taken more often and with increased accuracy.

Use our high-precision sensors and motion machines to manage your equipment efficiently. They need to be well-maintained in order to work at an accurate speed.

See all available models below:

  1. Tachometers
  2. Encoders & Transducers
  3. Stroboscopes
  4. Vibration Meters
  1. Hangers for Pipe, Tube, and Conduit
  2. Routing Clamps
  3. Vibration-Damping Routing Clamps
  4. Plastic Routing Clamps
  5. Cut-to-Length Routing Clamps
  6. Loop Clamps
  7. Riser Clamps
  8. Adjustable Standoff Clamps
  9. U-Bolts
  10. Beam Clamps
  11. Floor Routing Support
  12. Railing Clamps
  13. Seismic Bracing Anchors and Brackets
  14. Standoff Brackets
  15. Tie Wire Hangers
  16. Strut-Mount Routing Saddles for Insulated Pipe
  17. Stud-Mount Routing Brackets
  18. Cable Tie Holsters
  19. Cable Tie
  20. Cable Tie Assortments
  21. Mountable Cable Ties
  • 22. Cable Holders
  • 23. Mountable Hook and Loop Cable Ties
  • 24. Hook and Loop Cable Ties
  • 25. Hook and Loop Cable Ties Assortments
  • 26. Hook and Loop Cable Ties with Handle
  • 27. Stainless Steel Hook and Loop Cable Ties
  • 28.Cut-to-Length Perforated Cable Ties
  • 29. Twist Ties
  • 30. Metal Cable Ties and Mounts
  • 31. Elastic Cable Ties
  • 32. Beaded Cable Ties and Mounts
  • 33. Threaded Rods and Studs
  • 34. Left-Hand to Right-Hand Male Thread Adapters
  • 35. Threaded Rod Assortments
  • 36. Weld-On Stud Anchors for Wet Concrete
  • 37. Wire Rope Lanyards—Not for Lifting
  • 38. Strut Channel Framing and Fittings
  • 39. Connecting Rods
  • 40. Float Rods
  • 41. Cable Clips for DIN Rails
  • 42. Vibration-Resistant Setup Studs

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