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McMaster Carr Hand Tools

McMaster Carr Hand Tools

McMaster Carr Hand Tools are heavy-duty-grade tools that are commonly used everywhere.

All our tools are designed with ergonomic features to prevent hazards according to specific OSHA standards for general household use, industry, maritime, and construction. When it comes to quality, we combine engineering excellence with the finest material to present you with tools that last a lifetime and carry out the job without effort.

Explore our complete list of Hand tools for all industries.

Fastening and Joining Hand Tools

Fastening and joining hand tools offer the best hand-powered tool, that mechanically joins or binds two or more materials together. Our variety of durable and ergonomic tools are used to insert or remove mechanical fasteners, such as nails, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, and dowels. Any method you use methods for joining boards together that use no nails or screws, our fastening and joining hand tools offer an assortment of options. See below.

  1. Maintenance Tool Sets
  2. Drivers, Keys, and Bits
  3. Wrenches and Sockets
  4. Pry Bars and Wedges
  5. Fastening Ring and Collar Pliers
  6. Screw, Pipe, and Stud Extractors
  7. Wire-Twisting Pliers
  8. Rivet Tools
  9. Staplers
  10. Rivet Nut Tools
  11. Screw Feeders
  12. Nailers
  13. Hose and Tube Clamp Pliers
  14. Pin-Removal Hammers
  15. Electric Grinders for Tungsten Electrodes
  16. Electric Soldering Irons
  17. Butane Torches
  18. Fasteners

Fabricating and Machining Hand Tools

McMaster Carr specializes in high-performance metal, wood, and textile fabrication tools. Find our great selection of Hand Tools for handling all the applications around cutting, bending, and assembling tasks. Our fabricating machining hand tools offer multi-purpose use for cutting, welding, knurling, drilling, threading, grinding, facing and turning, and more.

  1. Clamping and Workholding
  2. Hand-Held Drills
  3. Drill Presses
  4. Hand Guides for Flexible-Shaft Drill Bits
  5. Grinders
  6. Deburring Blades
  7. Deburring Bits for Bit Screwdrivers and Power Tools
  8. Changeable-Blade Deburring Scrapers
  9. Deburring Scrapers
  10. Lapping
  11. Buffing and Polishing Compounds
  12. Plate Bevelers
  13. Smoothing and Polishing Stones
  14. Buffing Wheels and Pads
  15. Polishing Bobs
  16. Plastic Pipe and Tube Bevelers
  17. Buffing Kits
  18. Buffers and Polishers
  19. Precision-Finish Cylinder Hones
  20. Drums for Sanding Sleeves
  21. Backup Pads for Sanding Discs
  22. Cylinder Hones
  23. Adapters for Sanding Discs
  24. Collets for Bit and Bur Grinders
  25. Arbors for Flap Sanding Wheels
  26. Sanders
  27. Sanding Belts
  28. Sanding Sheets and Rolls
  29. Sanding Discs
  30. Flap Sanding Wheels
  31. Sanding Sleeves and Drums
  32. Tumbling and Vibrating Media
  33. Drill Bit Sharpeners
  34. Sanding Sticks
  35. Robot-Ready Sanders
  36. Saws
  37. Cutters
  38. Scissors
  39. Putty Knives
  40. Knives and Blades
  41. Planes
  42. Scrapers
  43. Chisels
  44. Hammers
  45. Dent Pullers
  46. Benders, Crimpers, & Flarers
  47. Hammer-Driven Tube End Reshapers
  48. Hammer-Driven Thin-Wall (EMT) Conduit End Reshapers
  49. Air-Powered Sheet Metal Forming Hammers
  50. Forming Spoons
  51. Brushes
  52. Electric Wire Strippers
  53. Blowguns, Air Nozzles, and Air Knives
  54. Tap and Die Wrench Sets
  55. Die Wrenches
  56. Tap Wrenches
  57. 3D-Printed Part Removal Tools
  58. Quick-Change Lathe
  59. Tools and Holders
  60. Lathe Chuck Wrenches
  61. Routers
  62. Collets
  63. Hole Saw Arbors

Electrical Hand Tools

When it comes to electrical tasks, there is no room for mistakes or malfunctioning tools. Electricians and contractors use McMaster Carr’s Electrical hand tools to reliably pull, service, and install electrical and data cables.

Electrical Hand Tools offer high-quality designs that are ideal for use at home or on the job. All our hand equipment is available at outstanding prices, allowing you to quickly, efficiently and safely get the job done.

See all tool categories below.

  1. Electrical Wire and Cable Strippers and Crimpers
  2. Data and Coaxial Cable Strippers, Crimpers, and Tools
  3. Telephone Box Socket Wrenches
  4. Telephone Box
  5. Socket Wrenches
  6. Solar Panel Chargers for Large-Cell Batteries
  7. Portable Generators
  8. Installation Tools for Twist-On Wire Splicing Connectors
  9. Electrical Connector Holding Tools
  10. Connectors
  11. Cords
  12. Accessories for Any-Which-Way
  13. Cable and Hose Carriers

Measuring and Inspecting Hand Tools

Accurate inspection of workplaces and machinery is an essential task, which also means compliance with safety standards associated with workplaces.

You’ll find all the measuring and inspection hand tools you need, available in both standard and digital varieties.

For inspectors to collect measurement data, such as how long, deep, or wide something is, each task requires the right measuring devices.

We offer a wide range of precision gauges, measuring devices, and other general categories of hand tools that measure dimensions or movement. Shop your favorite measuring and inspection hand tools below.

  1. Tape Measures
  2. Tank-Level Measurers
  3. Laser Distance Measurers
  4. Rulers
  5. Depth Gauges
  6. Pipe and Tubing Size Identifiers
  7. Bench Grinder Safety Gauges
  8. Machine Guard Safety Gauges
  9. Awls
  10. Architects’ and Engineers’ Scales
  11. Plumb Bobs
  12. Torque Testers and Gauges

Power Transmission Hand Tools

McMaster Carr Power Transmission Hand Tools are high-performing equipment that transmits power to create motion. To ensure secure operation, you can use these power transmission tools to convey a motion from one shaft to another or by connecting them like a belt, chain or gear. Get the power transmission tools that you need for safe operations and high efficiency. See below.

  1. Roller Chain Spring-Clip Removal Pliers
  2. Quick-Twist Roller Chain Spring-Clip Removers
  3. Roller Chain Holders and Breakers
  4. Springs

Material Handling Hand Tools

Looking for material handling equipment?

We offer proper tools for material handling equipment, including storage, engineered systems, industrial trucks, and bulk material handling. McMaster Carr has all the Material Handling Hand Equipment and supplies you need to make the job more effortless and safe. Avoid injury lifting heavy items, get the job done fast, and enjoy our fantastic prices all at once.

Discover all our manual material handling tools to move or support objects by pushing, pulling, lifting, vacuuming, balancing, carrying, and more. Check below.

  1. Vacuum Cups
  2. Vacuum Pads
  3. Vacuum Lifters
  4. Vacuum Cup Fittings
  5. Counterbalancers
  6. Electrical Connectors for Schunk Grippers
  7. Retractors
  8. Food Industry Conveyor Belt Scrapers
  9. Strapping and Tools
  10. Pneumatic and Flat-Free Wheels
  11. Lifting Levers for Dollies

Containers, Storage, and Furniture Hand Tools

  1. Food Service Equipment
  2. Support Arms
  3. Spoons and Lab Spatulas
  4. Storage and Waste Containers

Control of Liquids, Gases, and Solids Hand Tools

Carry out your operations safely by Control of Liquids, Gases, and Solids Hand Tools, used for a variety of tasks across industries. Each tool combines safety with performance to deliver impeccable results. Check out our specialty tools below.

  1. Hand-Operated Mixers
  2. Plumbing Fixtures and Drains
  3. Pipe, Tubing, Hose, and Fittings

Sealing and Coating Hand Tools

Sealcoating and coating are applying a protective coating to pavements, ceilings, and walls to provide a protective layer from the elements: water, oils, and U.V.

For a smooth sealing and coating application, get your tools together now. Shop crack repair tools, sealcoating equomnet and more at McMaster Carr. We offer a wide assortment of hand tools at competitive prices. See below.

  1. Drywall Tools
  2. Packing Seal Cutters
  3. Line Marking Paint Applicators
  4. Thin Film and Label Smoothing Tools

Other Hand and Power Tools

Made by McMaster Carr’s excellent designs, get any hand tool that you need here. We offer a range of miscellaneous hand equipment and power tools to meet all your requirement- no matter the job that you do. Check all the categories below.

  1. Splinter Removers
  2. Office Staplers, Staples, and Removers
  3. Ratchet Handles
  4. Flexible Fiber-Optic Cables for Mini Flashlights
  5. Air Compressors
  6. Eyeglass Repair Kit
  7. Squeegees
  8. Folding Pruning Saws
  9. Paper Cutters and Hole Punches

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