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McMaster-Carr Fastening and Joining

McMaster-Carr Fastening and Joining

We offer the complete source for every tool in your workplace. McMaster-Carr is a supply company that provides hardware, tools, raw materials, industrial materials, and maintenance equipment. Their main focus is on quality products for the construction industry. McMaster-Carr supply company began its operations in Ohio in 1893 and has since grown to be an internationally recognized brand.

Take a closer look at all the Fastening and Joining tools by McMaster-Carr.          

General Fasteners

Pick from the extensive range of fasteners, such as socket head screws, rounded head screws, woodworking screws and fasteners, specialty screws, and more. The categories include:

  1. Fasteners_ offering all types of screws, bolts, and rivets, made from different materials to meet different requirements.
  2. Socket retaining tool
  3. Power transmission nuts, screws, and linkages

Power Transmission Nuts and Screws

Screws and tribologically-optimized screw nuts are essential elements for power transmission applications. Check out this wide selection of McMaster-Carr’s power heavy-duty nuts and screws used as mechanical power transmission components and other specialized fasteners to exact thread tolerances.

  1. Bearing Retaining Nuts
  2. Lead Screws and Screw Jacks
  3. Lead Screws and Screw Jacks
  4. Rod Ends and Linkages
  5. Rod Ends and Linkages
  6. Springs and Shock Absorbers
  7. Springs and Shock Absorbers

Material Handling Holders, Ties, and Rings

We offer the main categories of material handling equipment used for storage, engineered systems, industrial machinery, and other classes of material handling. Discover the entire selection here.

  1. Routing and Suspending
  2. Hook and Loop Cable Ties and Mounts (metal and plastic)
  3. Cut-to-Length Perforated Cable Ties
  4. Elastic Cable, Twists, and Beaded Cable Ties
  5. Rope, Wire Rope, Chain, and Fittings
  6. Tie-Down Rings and Guides
  7. Quick-Adjust Load-Securing Track and Fittings
  8. Snap-In Load-Securing Track, Straps, and Fittings
  9. Webbing, Buckles, Elastic Cord, and Fittings
  10. Tie Downs & Lug Nuts
  11. Turnbuckle Components
  12. Lacing for Conveyor Belts

Building and Machinery Hardware Caps and Knobs

Building and machinery maintenance is made easy with our wide range of hardware. Discover our selection of machine handles, adjustable or tapered lever handles, plastic to studded knobs, hinges, and more.

  1. Structural Framing
  2. Handles and Knobs
  3. Fastener Caps
  4. Window Closers and Openers
  5. Standoff Panel-Hanging Brackets
  6. Window and Screen Latches
  7. Mounts, Feet, and Pads

Control of Liquids, Gases, and Solids Fasteners

Available in both threaded and unthreaded varieties, MC-Masters offer a wide range of tube fittings for copper and brass tubing. They are made from heavy-duty material for durability and corrosion resistance. The McMaster-Carr fastener equipment is most suitable for securing or mounting valves, controls, panels, liquids, and gas products in chemical and non-chemical applications.

They are available in the following categories:

  1. Pipe, Tubing, Hose, and Fittings
  2. Float Rods
  3. Slip-Joint Fittings

Fabricating and Machining

Designed from different materials for a variety of applications, this equipment presents a wide range of products. From securing your hands with drill bushes to hammering and riveting or using the ideal material for polishing tasks, we offer ergonomically designed and heavy duty products for casting, joining, or forming materials applications.

Here are the available product categories:

  1. Clamping and Workholding
  2. Screws for Carbide Insert Holders
  3. Lathe Chuck Jaw Nuts
  4. Masonry Drill Bits for Tapping Screw Installation
  5. Riveting Hammers
  6. Electric Angle Grinders for Grinding Wheels and Sanding Discs
  7. Cool-Sanding Backup Pads for Arbor-Mount Sanding Discs
  8. Shims for Keyway Broaches

Electrical Fasteners and Wires

Electrical tasks require maximum safety and the right tools to be carried out. Find everything you need for your electrical applications here: wire connectors to join wires to equipment, routing tools to connect two sections of wire or hose, and protecting equipment that provides a smooth application for wires to be disconnected quickly, splice connectors to create a straight, and essential terminal blockers. Besides, we offer an extensive range of durable terminal and large cell batteries. Our unique designs allow you to convert one battery terminal style to another.

Here are our main product categories:

  1. Wire, Cable, and Hose Routing & Protecting
  2. Batteries
  3. Wire Terminals and Terminal Blocks

Riveting and Fastening Tools

Rivet tools help install rivets into other materials or surfaces for fastening them. This series contains rivet guns, manual riveters, nailers, and other riveting equipment.

All our rivet tools are made from high-quality material, featuring precision, hardened, and ground valves used for corded and cordless wires.

We also offer relevant products such as retaining rings to hold components onto a shaft or bore, staplers, keys, and bits. check out our complete set of products below:

  1. Rivet Tools
  2. Rivet Nut Tools
  3. Drivers, Keys, and Bits
  4. Staplers
  5. Socket Retaining Rings
  6. Nailers

Miscellaneous Fasteners

Find the fastener you need from our extensive range of staples, pins, grommets, containers, straps, etc. All our products are made to last and designed with the most stringent standards.

Explore our categories below.

  1. Hook and Loop
  2. Signs, Labels, and Tags
  3. Grating and Flooring
  4. Containers, Storage, and Furniture
  5. Anchoring Adhesives for Concrete
  6. Office Staplers, Staples, and Removers
  7. Tape
  8. Insulation Hanger Studs

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