McMaster-Carr Building & Grounds

McMaster-Carr Building & Grounds

McMaster-Carr has been in business for 117 years. There are still companies struggling to make a profit and stay in business, but McMaster-Carr is still going strong. Here is the best McMaster-Carr Building & Grounds products.


    1. The building and grounds category uses a variety of building materials for different aspects of construction and building.
    2. We offer a selection of materials to choose from. All of our products comply with the international regulations and testing methods that focus on the use of building materials across industries so that they can be relied on.
    3. Our materials comply with various testing and standards for use in buildings. They are strong, durable, and are ergonomically pleasing. You can find this information below.

Discover our chemical-free bird repellent with the latest laser technology with zero environmental impact. Discover more here.

Buy on qualified step stools, aluminum work platforms, and adjustable platform ladder products for residential, industrial, or construction work.

Whether for drawing attention to different zones with marking flags, or national flags, McMaster-Carr offers a wide range of flags for different purposes. Check out all our flag categories here.

Our matting products provide complete exterior and interior surface carpets. They offer thorough protection from mud, dirt, snow, and more. Shop Floor Liners here.

Check out our wide range of heavy-duty strength canvas tarps with D rings and corner grommets. Find the one that fits your need from our range of industrial traps with waterproof features, mesh, and even accessories.


To keep your workplace safe and comply with OSHA regulations, you need a reliable safety railing system. Prevent fall hazards by placing a guardrail between your workers and the danger with our extensive range of safety railings.

We offer a wide selection of garden hoses, high pressure, and high temp water hoses. They are made of EPDM Rubber, except the hose with anodized aluminum fittings is TPR Rubber.

Offering excellent UV and ozone resistance, this rubber hose is a good fit for outdoor applications

We offer a wide variety of standard shovels, non sparking shovels, and spades:

Scoop and lift materials in your food-processing facility, stainless steel shovels, which reduces fatigue during extended use, closed-back design, and more. See here.

Are you looking for Paint Brushes, Rollers & Sprayers? Discover the essential painting tools, including a wide range of paintbrushes and all sizes of rollers and spray machines.

Increase your security with video surveillance. Explore our great selection of Surveillance Cameras, Surveillance Accessories, and Systems for indoors and outdoors. We offer both traditional systems and SMART cameras.

Gardening and extra landscaping tools are made easy with the wide range of tools designed for agriculture and horticulture. McMaster-Carr Garden tools are available in both hand tools and power tools categories.

No matter for long-distance or close proximity, we have the right alarm solution for you. McMaster-Carr offers a wide range of systems with noisemakers or sound-based signals, signal lights, strobe lights, combined solutions, and more.

There is a ladder for every task, including mounted ladder, rolling ladder, step ladders, or work platform ladders and work platform with steps. Buy multi-purpose or unique ladders, designed with reliability and durability.

Whether for large constructions, shipping and storage stations, or small residential building maintenance applications at height, scaffolds and planks offer the best solution. Check out our range of scaffolds for high traffic areas to guarantee your workplace safety.

Increase traction at slippery surfaces with Grating Stair Treads, threaded alignment pins, and tapes. These products are attached with the very best quality available. Stair Treads are used in both residential and industrial zones. Discover more here.

We offer paint material for both temporary and permanent solutions. we offer two categories of paint:

  1. Water-Based or latex paint, which is washable with soap and water.
  2. Solvent-Based or called oil paint, which can be removed with solvent-based thinners and removers.

Do you need the perfect sun-blocking solution for Window Screening & Shades or outdoor Roller Shades? McMaster-Carr has the perfect selection to choose from for your windows. See more here.

From roofing nail guns to ladders, concrete mixers, and applications tools to surface fillers for asphalt, we have you covered. Our selection of products and tools allows you to repair just about any surface with minimum effort and maximum quality. Discover our tools and product catalog.

When long life with little maintenance is critical, rely on the same rugged weather equipment used by the National Weather Service. For a complete weather station, you’ll need at least one sensor, a sensor cable, and either the Weather Data Center Display or one of the Real-Time Displays. Our products range from high-velocity windsock to wireless weather stations. Click here for more information.

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