McMaster-Carr Hardware

McMaster-Carr Hardware

We offer a range of McMaster-Carr Hardware that can be used to meet your needs across a variety of industries. Our products are economical, reliable and extensive. Check out all the categories below to find the hardware solution you are looking for.

Professional workers such as electricians, metalworkers, mechanics, construction workers, and mechanical engineers can employ our products for reliable results.

Building and Machinery Hardware

Building or maintaining structures that are reliable in design and costs, while offering the best in class quality is imperative to many organizations.

Our products offer you the support to get involved in work on an OSHA-regulated construction site, deliver the work and maintain the best results.

  1. Structural Framing
  2. Slides, Track, and Rollers
  3. Locks and Latches
  4. Closers, Openers, and Holders
  5. Hinges
  6. Brackets
  7. Doors and Windows
  8. Ceiling Tiles and Framing
  9. Handles and Knobs
  10. Bumpers, Grommets, and Trim
  11. Positioning Arms
  12. Bellows, Covers, and Wipers
  13. Mounts, Feet, and Pads
  14. Robot Bases
  15. Robot Base Mounts
  16. Caps and Plugs

Janitorial and Grounds Maintenance

Discover our wide range of wholesale janitorial supplies. Some of our standard janitorial supplies include multi-purpose cleaners, Handles, Curbs, dispensers and more. Anything that your cleaning team requires is available here.

  1. Toilet Partitions, Grab Bars, and Mirrors
  2. Lavatory, Hygiene, and Paper Products
  3. Tapered Handles
  4. Speed Bumps
  5. Parking Curbs
  6. Chain Link Fencing
  7. Anchors and Stakes
  8. Electric Bird Repellent Strips

Fastening and Joining

There are different joining processes, and each of them has different tools to be carried out. In essence, fastening is one quick joining process that is used for the non-permanent joining of metals, wood, and other materials. Get all the tools that you need for a safe and high-performing fastening and joining application. Check out the category below.

  1. Fasteners
  2. Wrenches and Sockets
  3. Drivers, Keys, and Bits
  4. Wire-Twisting Pliers and Wire Sets
  5. Screw, Pipe, and Stud Extractors
  6. Pry Bars and Wedges
  7. Maintenance Tool Sets
  8. Hole-Alignment Pin Sets
  9. Pin-Removal Punch Sets
  10. Retaining Ring Pliers
  11. MIG Welding Wire
  12. Ready-to-Use Welding Cable

Containers, Storage, and Furniture

Shop for containers and storage management accessories for industrial use and industrial furniture that offer durability and ergonomic features. Check all the selections below.

  1. Shelf Brackets, Standards, Supports, and Shelves
  2. Cylinder Racks
  3. Tables and Workbenches
  4. Hooks and Holders
  5. Cabinets and Lockers
  6. Temporary Partition Poles
  7. Countertop Waste Chutes
  8. Positioning Stands and Turntables

Power Transmission

Power transmission is used across several industries; it is the movement of energy from its place of power generation to another location where it is used to perform other applications. Get all you need to safely handle these units of energy at all times. Check below.

  1. Gas Springs
  2. Rod Ends and Linkages
  3. Carriages and Guide Rails
  4. Track Rollers
  5. Belts and Pulleys
  6. Light Duty Dry-Running
  7. Thrust Bearings
  8. Rollers

Load Securing and Stabilizing

Load securing and equipment for cargo securing make your transportation without a hitch. You need the right tools to stabilize and secure cargo in vehicles and intermodal containers. Discover the wide range of Load Securing and Stablizzing equipment below.

  1. Webbing, Buckles, and Fittings
  2. Tie-Down Rings and Guides
  3. Snap-In Load-Securing Track, Straps, and Fittings
  4. Quick-Adjust Load-Securing Track and Fittings
  5. Elastic Cord and Fittings

Fabricating and Machining

Fabrication of metal, plastic, textiles, or other raw material is a staple task across industries—shape objects by using the right tools that cut and shape materials with precision and safety. Discover our extensive selection for casting, joining, or forming materials.

  1. Clamping and Workholding
  2. Pocket Knives and Multitools
  3. Manual Rubber Sheet and Belt Cutters
  4. Counterbore Sets
  5. Drill Bit Sets
  6. Cordless Tool Kits
  7. Hollow-Core Cutter Sets for Magnetic-Base Drills
  8. Countersink Sets
  9. Reamer Sets
  10. Threading Sets
  11. External Screw, Pipe, and Conduit Thread Repairing File Sets
  12. Tap Extractor Sets for Screw Thread Taps
  13. End Mill and Milling Cutter Sets
  14. Lathe Tool Sets
  15. Lathe Chuck Jaw Nuts
  16. Needle and Detail Files
  17. Bur Sets
  18. Changeable-Blade Deburring Scrapers
  19. Files
  20. Deburring Blades
  21. Smoothing and Polishing Stone Sets

Electrical Hardware

Let all your Electrical tasks become effortless and safe. Our electrical Hardware assists you with all your electrical projects. Explore our wide variety of lighting supplies, electrical tools, and more below.

  1. Cords
  2. Connectors
  3. Wire Terminals and Terminal Blocks
  4. Wire and Cable
  5. Wire, Cable, and Hose Routing & Protecting
  6. Switches
  7. Mounts for Robot Teach Pendants
  8. PC-Board Pin Relays
  9. Multipurpose Electrical Wire Strippers
  10. Grounding Lugs for Enclosures
  11. Bonding and Grounding Clamps and Cable
  12. Grounding Wire, Braid, and Ribbon
  13. Static Control For Conveyors
  14. Lightning Protection
  15. Fiber-Optic Tool Kits
  16. Clip-On EMI/RFI Suppressors for Cable
  17. Power Consumption Meters
  18. Diodes, Rectifiers, and Transistors
  19. Prototyping Circuit Boards
  20. Circuit Board Headers
  21. Test Leads and Cords
  22. Capacitors
  23. Circuit Board Coolers
  24. Resistors
  25. Development Boards
  26. Circuit Board Terminals
  27. Batteries

Control of Liquids, Gases, and Solids

McMasters can supply a range of Solids, Liquids, and Gasses Control equipment to meet all your projects’ necessities- available in a variety of powered and manual equipment. Shop accessories below.

  1. Plumbing Fixtures and Drains
  2. Pipe, Tubing, Hose, and Fittings
  3. Absolute Pressure Transmitters for Development Boards
  4. RTD Wire
  5. Thermocouple Wire

Conveying Equipment

Conveying equipment is designed as mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one place to another. Conveyors are particularly valuable in applications concerning the transport of heavy or bulky materials. See below.

  1. Mounting Rods for Conveyors
  2. Conveyor Guide Clamps
  3. Drip Pan Brackets for Conveyors
  4. Mounting Rod Connectors for Conveyors
  5. Conveyor Guides
  6. Mounting Rod Brackets for Conveyors
  7. Straight and L-Brackets for Conveyors
  8. Bracket Spacers for Conveyors
  9. Bracket Spacers
  10. Lane Dividers for Conveyors
  11. Sensor and Reflector Brackets for Conveyors
  12. Belt Conveyors
  13. Overhead Trolley Conveyors
  14. Roller Conveyors
  15. Ball Transfer Conveyors
  16. Conveyor Brushes
  17. Skate Wheel Conveyors
  18. Flow Rails
  19. Screw Conveyors
  20. Material Support Stands

Protective Equipment

Minimize your workplace exposure to hazards that cause serious damage to both your workers and machinery with our wide range of Protective Equipment. See all categories belwo.

  1. Protective Barriers
  2. Personal Harnesses and Lanyards
  3. Mounting Brackets for Safety Mirrors
  4. Fire Extinguishers

Measuring and Inspecting Equipment

Do you need measuring equipment? Find all the measuring and inspection equipment that you require in your workplace here. These tools are available in both standard and digital varieties. Discover all the categories below.

  1. Leveling Lasers
  2. Inspection Mirrors
  3. Magnifying Glasses with Extra-Long Handle
  4. Telescoping Bore Gauges
  5. Continuous-Length Measurers
  6. Legal-for-Trade Inline Conveyor Scales

Raw Materials Equipment

Browse the entire selection of Raw Material Equipment for your use in fabrication projects. All our equipment is durable, corrosion-free, and designed to withstand the harshest environments. See the selection below.

  1. Telescoping Corrosion-Resistant 3003 Aluminum Tubes
  2. Telescoping Ultra-Strength Lightweight Carbon Fiber Hexagonal Tubes
  3. Telescoping Ultra-Strength
  4. Lightweight Carbon
  5. Fiber Hexagonal Tubes

Lifting and Pulling Equipment

Get the accessories you need to support any type of lifting equipment, such as heavy machinery, patient lift, overhead cranes, forklifts, cradles, passenger lifts, and more. You can use our lifting accessories, such as chains, hooks, and rope, to make every lifting task safe and efficient. Check below.

  1. Column-Mount Rotating Cranes
  2. Electrical Connectors for Schunk Grippers
  3. Vacuum Lifters
  4. Hoists and Hoist Trolleys
  5. Plate-Lifting Clamps
  6. Hand-Held Vertical-Lift Plate-Lifting Clamps

Miscellaneous Hardware Equipment

Check out the wide assortment of equipment and set of tools that you need to support any work in a workplace and experimental assignments. See more below.

  1. Rope, Wire Rope, Chain, and Fittings
  2. Casters and Wheels
  3. Signs, Labels, and Tags
  4. Bundling, Routing, and Suspending
  5. Hydraulic Cylinders
  6. O-Rings
  7. Linear Motion Air Cylinders
  8. Extension Handles for Paint and Coating Rollers
  9. Drop-Ceiling Diffusers
  10. Packaging and Shipping
  11. Fabric Wall Clips
  12. Ceiling and Wall Lights
  13. Door Alarms
  14. Ladders and Work Platforms
  15. Fabric-Wall-Mount Clear File Holders
  16. Position able Fume Exhaust Hoses

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