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McMaster Carr's Heating - Cooling Equipment

McMaster Carr's Heating - Cooling Equipment

McMaster Carr is one of the oldest and most reliable tool providers globally. In an attempt to offer you the best available in the market, explore all of McMaster Carr’s Heating – Cooling Equipment.

Process Coolers

Delivering an outstanding cooling capacity and higher flow rates, these high-ranking process coolers are designed for durability and heavy-duty use. Each piece of equipment comes with a performance rating and instructions for optimum use. Check out all products below:

  1. High-Capacity Heat Sinks for Oil
  2. Heat Sinks for Oil
  3. Heat Sinks for Water
  4. Heat Sinks with Internal Pump for Water
  5. Clip-On Heat Sinks
  6. Adhesive-Mount Heat Sinks
  7. High-Flow Liquid Chillers
  8. Precision Liquid Chillers
  9. Thermoelectric Modules
  10. Cold Plates
  11. Heat Pipes

Heat Exchangers

These series of equipment are designed to transfer heat using liquid or channel the stream that flows through to heat or cool liquid in the conduits and tubes. Among the top characteristics are; maximizing contact with liquid or steam, monitored boiler water quality, pressure rating, high efficiency, long service life, and more. See all our products below:

  1. Heat Exchanger
  2. High-Efficiency Heat Exchangers
  3. Heat Exchangers for Sampling
  4. High-Pressure Heat Exchangers
  5. Open-Tank Heat Exchangers
  6. Sanitary High-Efficiency Heat Exchangers

Food Service Equipment

To comply with food and drug administration regulations, we offer the most reliable solutions that comply with international standards. Besides sanitary compliance, all our products are marked as high performing equipment which offers durability, low maintenance,m energy efficiency, and a robust structure to withstand heavy-duty use. Discover all our products below for conventional and production use:

  1. Coolers
  2. Heavy Duty Coolers
  3. Beverage Coolers
  4. Beverage Dispensers
  5. Ice Packs
  6. CamelBak Water Backpacks
  7. Water Bottles
  8. Combination Refrigerator/Freezers
  9. Chest Freezers
  10. Critical Application Refrigerators and Freezers
  11. Mugs
  12. Ice Cube Trays

Enclosure-Cooling Air Conditioners

No matter the setting and the usage, we have the right solution for your air conditioning requirements. We offer a wide assortment of enclosing and cooling air conditioners featuring low noise, compact structure, robust thermostats, pollution and air resistance, offering highly reliable structures, hazardous zone conditioners, and more. Explore all our varieties of air conditioners below:

  1. Low-Noise Enclosure-Cooling
  2. Enclosure-Cooling Vortex Tubes with Thermostats
  3. Enclosure-Cooling Vortex Tubes
  4. Low-Noise Weather-Resistant Enclosure-Cooling Vortex Tubes with Thermostats
  5. Weather-Resistant Enclosure-Cooling
  6. Low-Noise Weather-Resistant Enclosure-Cooling Vortex Tubes
  7. Weather-Resistant Enclosure-Cooling Vortex Tubes
  8. Washdown Enclosure-Cooling Vortex Tubes
  9. Low-Noise Washdown Enclosure-Cooling Vortex Tubes with Thermostats
  10. Washdown Enclosure-Cooling Vortex Tubes with Thermostats
  11. Hazardous Location Enclosure-Cooling Vortex Tubes
  12. Thermoelectric Coolers for Enclosures
  13. Wall-Mount Enclosure-Cooling Air Conditioners
  14. Ceiling-Mount Enclosure-Cooling Air Conditioners
  15. Washdown Enclosure-Cooling Air Conditioners
  16. Enclosure-Cooling Heat Exchangers

Air Conditioners

Whether you need an air conditioning device for impractical spaces or need small air conditioning equipment for dynamic or temporary spaces, we have the best options. Designed to last, all our devices come with certified performance ratings, durable structure, and additional unique features that are hard to compete with. Discover all our air conditioning products below.

  1. Mobile Evaporative Air Coolers
  2. High-Output Mobile Evaporative Air Coolers
  3. Mobile Air Conditioners
  4. Continuous-Duty Mobile Air Conditioners
  5. Window Air Conditioners
  6. Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners
  7. Hazardous Location Mobile Evaporative Air Coolers
  8. Hazardous Location Air Conditioners

Equipment-Cooling Air Conditioners

Find all the accessories you need to get the air lowing, control the steam and keep your equipment cool at all times. see categories here:

  1. Equipment-Cooling Vortex Tubes

Equipment-Cooling Fans

Get individual or kits for your cooling fan systems. Our products are available for 48V DC power or lower, heat-sensitive use, reliable airflow or cooling capacity, extremely high temperatures, hazardous zones, under the water, and other unique requirements. Check all categories below:

  1. DC Equipment-Cooling Fans
  2. High-Output Equipment-Cooling Fans
  3. Equipment-Cooling Fans
  4. High-Temperature Equipment-Cooling Fans
  5. Hazardous Location Equipment-Cooling Fans
  6. Submersible DC Equipment-Cooling Fans
  7. Low-Voltage Wet-Location Equipment-Cooling Fans
  8. Wet-Location Equipment-Cooling Fans
  9. High-Pressure Washdown DC Equipment-Cooling Fans
  10. High-Pressure Washdown Equipment-Cooling Fans
  11. Equipment-Cooling Fan Guards
  12. Shielded Equipment-Cooling Fan Guards
  13. Equipment-Cooling Fan Guards with Filters
  14. Hazardous Location Equipment-Cooling Fan Kits
  15. Equipment-Cooling Fan Kits with Thermostat
  16. Equipment-Cooling Fan Kits
  17. Wet-Location Equipment-Cooling Fan Kits
  18. Equipment-Cooling Fan Trays

Equipment-Cooling Blowers

Equipment-Cooling Blowers

Equipment-Cooling Blowers

These series build a more robust stream of air than equipment-cooling fans. They are used to blow the heat generated by electronic tools away. Discover all the available categories here:

  1. Wide-Flow Equipment-Cooling Blowers
  2. Edge-Flow Equipment-Cooling Blowers

Office and Desk Fans

from ceiling fans, stand-up mobile fan for the floor, and other conventionally used fans, we offer a wide assortment to choose from, combining design with performance, all our equipment is durable and easy to use. See below.

  1. Office Floor Fans
  2. Mobile Office Floor Fans
  3. High-Output Office Pedestal Fans
  4. Office Pedestal Fans
  5. Desk Fans
  6. Clip-On Desk Fans
  7. Window-Mount Office Fans
  8. Box Fans
  9. Wall-Mount Office Fans
  10. Bench-Top DC Fans
  11. Multi-Mount Office Fans
  12. Ceiling Fans


Our heavy-duty fans are for industrial and office use, while presenting an economical replacement to expensive air conditioning devices. Other characteristics include low maintenance, long service life, and ease of use. Check these fans below:

  1. Economy Direct-Drive Mobile Floor Fans
  2. Corrosion-Resistant Direct-Drive Mobile Floor Fans
  3. Economy Direct-Drive Mobile Floor Fans with Tilt Stand
  4. Belt-Drive Mobile Floor Fans
  5. Belt-Drive Mobile Floor Fans with Tilt Stand
  6. High-Output Pedestal Fans
  7. Ultra-Quiet Pedestal Fans
  8. High-Visibility Pedestal Fans
  9. Premium Pedestal Fans
  10. Economy Pedestal Fans
  11. S. Navy Wall-Mount Fans
  12. High-Visibility Wall-Mount Fans
  13. High-Output Wall-Mount Fans
  14. Premium Wall-Mount Fans
  15. Economy Wall-Mount Fans
  16. Ultra-Quiet Wall-Mount Fans
  17. Adjustable-Arm Fans
  18. Battery-Powered Portable Fans
  19. High-Output Beam-Mount Fans
  20. Economy Ceiling-Mount Fans
  21. High-Output Ceiling-Mount Fans
  22. Premium Beam-Mount Fans
  23. Premium Ceiling-Mount Fans
  24. Economy Beam-Mount Fans

Jet-Stream Fans

Durable and high-performing, these fans are often operated to cool warehouse aisles and production lines; they generate a stream of air that travels more distant than air generated from conventional fans. See below:

  1. Jet-Stream Floor Fans
  2. Wall-Mount Jet-Stream Fans

Hazardous Location Fans

The application of these fas is often in welding shops and oil refineries. These fans are constructed to operate safely and prevent combustion in case of coming in contact with flammable gas, vapor, and dust. Check categories below:

  1. Hazardous Location Floor Fans
  2. Hazardous Location Wall-Mount Fans
  3. Hazardous Location Pedestal Fans
  4. Hazardous Location Jet Stream Fans
  5. Hazardous Location Beam-Mount Fans

Washdown Fans

To safeguard equipment that is placed in enclosures and cabinets from the heat, we offer a wide array of Washdown fans. Find the characteristics you want in all the following fans:

  1. Washdown Wall-Mount Fans
  2. Washdown Pedestal Fans
  3. Enclosure-Cooling Fans and Blowers
  4. Enclosure-Cooling Fans
  5. Low-Voltage Enclosure-Cooling Fans
  6. Enclosure-Cooling Fan Trays
  7. Expandable Enclosure-Cooling Fan Trays
  8. Wet-Location Enclosure-Cooling Fans
  9. Enclosure Spot-Cooling Fans
  10. Enclosure-Cooling Blowers

Surface-Drying Fans

These fans are used to dry flat surfaces fast with direct air downward or a concentrated stream of air. Discover more about these high-ranking products below:

  1. Downdraft Surface-Drying Fans
  2. Pivoting-Head Surface-Drying Fans

Machine-Cooling Fans

these fans are made to last when handling industrial usage. They are particularly designed to cool large machinery such as transformers.

Welding Water Coolers

To keep your heat-sensitive devices cool during operation, you need a reliable solution to cool welding guns and torches with these recirculating coolers. These fans are the best solution for you!

Drinking Fountains

We combine performance with convenience for your use. Find all the products you need for your workplace drinking water fountains. Check all equipment below:

  1. Replacement Spouts for Oasis Water Dispensers
  2. Bottled Water Dispensers
  3. Bottles for Water Dispensers
  4. Drinking Fountain Replacement Parts
  5. Refrigerated Drinking Fountains
  6. Wall-Mount Refrigerated Drinking Fountains
  7. Harsh Environment Refrigerated Drinking Fountains
  8. Wall-Mount Nonrefrigerated Drinking Fountains
  9. Drinking-Water Chillers
  10. Bottle Fillers
  11. Drinking Fountain Nozzles

Compressed Air Systems

Check out all the wide varieties of compressed air system compartments for reliable use. each piece of equipment offers durability, low maintenance, and ease of use, while removing the need for additional and unwanted accessories. See below.  

  1. Refrigerant-Cooled Compressed Air Dryers
  2. Dryer/Filters for Particle Removal
  3. Water-Cooled Compressed Air Aftercoolers
  4. Fan-Cooled Compressed Air Aftercoolers

Refrigerators and Freezers for Flammables

Shop refrigerators and freezers for hazardous zones here for a safe workplace.


Find a variety of electrical accessories and supplemental equipment for your cooling systems and machines. Check all categories below:

  1. Circuit Board Coolers
  2. Weather-Resistant Enclosures with Cooling Fans

Chip-Clearing Fans for CNC Machines

Automatic solutions win over hand-operated systems anytime! Clearing chips during CNC machining offers an outstanding and accurate solution to upgrade your workplace.

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