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Flow and Level Control - McMaster Carr

Flow and Level Control - McMaster Carr

McMasters Carr offers quality tools for your workstation and replacement power tool parts at reasonable prices. In this article, we will review some of the most popular tools and accessories used in flow and level systems.

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Application of Flow and Level Control Tools

Actuators and flow equipment are devices that deliver a motion by transforming energy and signals reaching the system into dynamic movement. The action they create is either rotary or linear- depending on the functionality and the material in question. They are used for gas, liquids, and semi-solids in a variety of contexts and purposes.

Discover all the main categories below.

Electric, Air, and Hydraulic – Powered Motion Control

Pneumatics delivers fluid power using pressurized air or gases. Hydraulics supplies fluid power employing pressurized liquids, such as oil or water. When selecting one of these two options, there are several factors at play to create a reliable system. McMasters – Carr offers flow handling solutions that are:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Efficient in moving materials
  3. Designed for the availability in compact industrial spaces
  4. Needing absolutely low maintenance
  5. A long service life

Here are the available categories of our powered motion control equipment:

  1. Compressed Air Control Valves: presenting a variety of airflow control valves from simple stand-alone valves to heavy-duty modular valves, air excuses, and accessory
  2. Compressed Air Regulators: introducing a variety of industrial grade and durable Festo Modular Compressed Air Regulators and Filters
  3. Compressed Air Flow Boosters: offering the normal flow boosters as well as Compressed Air Pilot Signal Flow Boosters
  4. Compressed Air Filter, Regulator, and Lubricators (FRLs)
  5. Hydraulic Valves: including block mount valves, pressure-relief valves, screw-in valves, and inline valves, as well as spare pieces

Control of Liquids, Gases, and Solids

Learn about the best tools in three main forms: solids, liquids, and gases. These forms of matter are used widely across industrial sectors, hence requiring absolute control and care. This is especially true when handling sensitive material with high costs, corrosive nature, or explosives.

McMaster Carr furnishes a complete line of solids, gasses, and liquid control and waste management technologies designed to optimize drilling efficiencies by maintaining flow.

Each piece of equipment is designed for exceptional durability, high-performing function, energy efficiency, and maximum control over the application.

check out the complete category below:

  1. Flow-Control Valves
  2. Flow-Control Orifices
  3. Flow Switches
  4. Flowmeters
  5. Flowmeter/Totalizers
  6. Flow Transmitters
  7. Totalizers
  8. Calibration Columns
  9. Flow-Control Mufflers
  10. Hose Fittings
  11. Pressure Indicators
  12. Threaded Temperature-Regulating Valves for Water
  13. Plumbing Fixtures and Drains

We also offer flow controllers that are electric devices to monitor and maintain flow-rate variables. Through every typical processing application, the right equipment can be utilized in conjunction with pumps and valves in fluid flow systems to better control flow variables. Not sure what to choose? Contact our field experts to seek immediate advice and further information on these products.

Miscellaneous Flow Control Equipment

The flow control miscellaneous set of devices is a complementary or spare addition to the main flow systems with orifice openings are related to the size and flow rating of the GCD. These are devised with an essential orifice to give the interceptor a predetermined optimum flow rate and air intake or replace damaged parts.

McMasters Carr’s miscellaneous flow tools include the following categories:

  1. Machine-Mount Oil Dispensers
  2. Hydraulic Jacks
  3. Hazardous Location Pressurization Systems for Enclosures
  4. HVAC Switches and Actuators
  5. Metering Valves for Abrasive Blasting

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