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Electrical & Lighting

Electrical & Lighting

We understand that when it comes to your lighting and electrical needs, many things need to be taken into account. Here at RAAH International, we offer all the resources for figuring out how best to light your home or office in any situation. The electrical tools and accessories that you need, and all other electrical tools. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just browsing, we guarantee the best selection of brands and styles.

Classifications of Electrical Supplies for Lighting

  1. Testers and Meters – There are many different types of testers and meters. They can measure current or voltage, for example.
  2. Power Connectors – Various shapes and sizes of power connectors ensure you can create custom lighting layouts. Power connectors come in different types, with split bolts and mini terminals some of the most common.
  3. Fixture Hanging Chains/Cables – Light Fixtures need chains to be secured with the ceiling. The chains come in shorter and longer lengths. Some are made of metal, while others are nylon. They have designs and lengths to fit any need.
  4. Cable Pulling and Wire Management – There are tools you need to install a lighting system, like cable pulling tools and wire management. Color-coded wires mean you can easily organize them in groups, which makes installing the cables in the ceiling panels easier.
  5. Lamp Holders/Tombstones –Lamp holders are the power source of lanterns, and can be used for multiple purposes. They can create a retrofit fixture from one lamp type to another using different power sources, such as a battery-powered lamp or an outlet. They can repair bent or broken pins that make it impossible for the fixture to supply current to the lamps.
  6. Cords and Adapters – When rigging up a lighting plan, there may be a need for extra outlets and plugs. The use of cords with adapters can allow you to have more power sources that are plugged in. Surge suppression products protect electrical solutions from hurting due to surges in energy.
  7. Bits and Blades – We offer drill bits as well as blades that allow you to finish a variety of tasks in the rigging and electrics industry.
  8. Apart from a conduit body and some type of conduit, there are other fittings. These fittings include EMT fitting, for instance. You can use these for both outdoor or indoor use with little to no problem, as there are options for both scenarios.


For almost any industry, we have a wide selection of electrical supplies, and we offer products from trusted manufacturers at affordable prices so that you can find what you need. We sell cable pulling needs, cords, surge suppression, electrical tape, and more. We also sell electricians’ testers and meters to help ensure safety during installation.

All of our electrical supplies are made with high manufacturing standards to ensure they last. We also offer wire connectors and terminals to make installation safe and easy.

Wiring & Connecting

Many electrical supplies can be used for just about any project. They include fittings, connectors, terminals, and everything you might need. Electrical supplies are so common they are found in every electrical system.

Available categories include:

  1. Wire & Cable
  2. Plugs & Receptacles
  3. Extension Cords & Power Strips
  4. Heat-Shrink Tubing
  5. Sleeving
  6. Cord Grips
  7. Electrical Connectors
  8. Electrical Tape
  9. Bonding & Grounding Equipment
  10. Conduit & Fittings
  11. Tube Benders
  12. Raceway
  13. Cable Carriers
  14. Cable Ties
  15. Enclosures
  16. Outlet Boxes
  17. Wire Strippers & Crimpers
  18. Cord Reels
  19. Data & Voice Equipment

Switching & Controlling

A switching controller, an IC, controls the timing of a transistor in a power regulator. This can sometimes be external to the controller or included with it.

See all product categories below:

  1. Switches & Relays
  2. Transformers
  3. Circuit Breakers
  4. Fuses
  5. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)
  6. Surge Suppressors

Motor Maintenance

When you deal with a simple or complex electric motor or other electrical pieces of machinery, you need the right tools in order to maintain it. In addition, various strategies and maintenance strategies keep the electric motor working properly.

Find all categories below:

  1. Electric Motors
  2. Motor Controllers
  3. Motor Capacitors & Contactors
  4. Multimeters & Electrical Testers
  5. Dusters & Cleaners
  6. Power Generating
  7. Batteries
  8. Battery Testers, Chargers & Accessories
  9. Generators


There are a wide variety of lighting products designed for every space, from residential to public and beyond. Lighting products are available to use both indoors and outdoors.

See all categories below:

  1. Light Bulbs
  2. Lights
  3. Flashlights
  4. Light Fixtures
  5. Ballasts
  6. Lighting Accessories

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When it comes to lighting, we have everything you need. Our store carries all the brands, types, and specifications of lights you will need for businesses, residential or industrial places. Get your items shipped out fast. If you have questions about our products or would like assistance, we offer a qualified team of professionals to assist you. Please contact us for more information or to place an order today.