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Abrading & Polishing

McMaster Carr Polishing and ABrading Tools and Accessories

Get qualified polishing and abrading tools from McMaster Carr. All our products are durable, reliable, and at competitive prices. In not sure what to choose, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you assess your task or products for an outstanding polishing performance. Here are all our product categories.

Polishing Bobs

whether to create abrasive cuts quickly, remove scratches, or polish small surfaces and hard-to-reach zones. We offer a wide range of long-lasting diamond abrasives and bobs with different hardnesses.

You can use our polishing bobs for deburring, detailing, buffing, or polishing, which guarantees a professional finish to your work. The bobs are available in a variety of shapes, including bullets, balls, cylinders, and ovals. See below. 

  1. No-Mess Polishing Bobs for Aluminum, Soft Metals, and Nonmetals
  2. No-Mess Polishing Bobs for Stainless Steel and Hard Metals
  3. Multipurpose No-Mess Polishing Bobs
  4. Polishing Bobs
  5. Aggressive Polishing Bobs

Buffing Wheels and Pads

Use our buffing wheels and wool pad at the beginning of any polishing job for a clean and efficient workflow. We present to you a wide range of buffing wheels for different surfaces, textures, and applications. 

Clean any surface and remove wax or sealants that have been applied to an area for a safe and practical polishing task. Besides the high-performing buffing wheels, use any of the following wool pads to cut into the finish and get down to the metal with high efficiency and in no time.

Below, find a comprehensive selection of polishing and buffing bonnets, and pads for corded or cordless buffer or polisher.

  • 1. Buffing Wheels for Internal Surfaces
  • 2. Buffing Wheels for Curved Surfaces
  • 3. Buffing Wheels for Irregular Surfaces
  • 4. Buffing Wheels for Flat Surfaces
  • 5. Stay-Cool Long-Lasting Buffing Wheels
  • 6. Long-Lasting Buffing Wheels
  • 7. Mirror-Finish Buffing Wheels for Flat Surfaces
  • 8. Mirror-Finish Buffing Wheels for Curved Surfaces
  • 9. Aggressive Buffing Wheels for Curved Surfaces
  • 10. Aggressive Buffing Wheels for Flat Surfaces
  • 11. Aggressive Buffing Wheels for Flat Hard Metal Surfaces
  • 12. Aggressive Buffing Wheels for Curved Hard Metal Surfaces
  • 13. Uniform-Finish Buffing Wheels for Flat Surfaces
  • 14. Uniform-Finish Buffing Wheels for Irregular Surfaces
  • 15. Buffing Wheel Flanges
  • 16. No-Mess Buffing Wheels
  • 17. Buffing Wheels with Shank for Flat and Curved Surfaces
  • 18. Buffing Wheels with Shank for Internal and Irregular Surfaces
  • 19. Applicator Bonnets
  • 20. Polishing Bonnets
  • 21. Polishing Bonnet Cleaners
  • 22. Buffing Pads for Flat Surfaces
  • 23. Buffing Pads for Flat, Curved, and Irregular Surfaces
  • 24. Quick-Change Buffing Discs

Buffing Kits

Find the perfect buffing kit for metal, glass, and plastic surfaces here. Our industrial buffing accessories are designed to perform a variety of tasks, such as removing minor scratches, scuffs, cloudy surfaces, and hard water etching. Check out all categories below.

  1. Buffing Wheel, Bob, and Compound Kits
  2. Scratch-Removal Buffing Kits
  3. Buffing Wheel and Compound Kits

Buffers and Polishers

Discover a wide selection of corded and cordless buffers and polishers for any detailing, scratch removing, paint restoration and luster polishing, and cleaning jobs for different surfaces. Our kits are designed for use across a variety of industrial workplaces. See all categories here.

  1. Air-Powered Angle Polishers
  2. Electric Angle Polishers
  3. Electric Buffer/Polishers
  4. Electric Buffer/Grinders
  5. Swirl-Free Polishers
  6. Reciprocating Polishers

Buffing and Polishing Compounds

Our buffing and polishing compounds are designed for excellent performance, offering better results than your traditional buffing compounds. Choose your favorite compound from abrasive grains for a dull satin finish, greaseless compounds, polishing compounds to retain the bars against a revolving buffing wheel, etc. See below.

  1. Buffing and Polishing Compounds
  2. Buffing and Polishing Compound Assortments
  3. Aggressive Buffing and Polishing Compounds

Smoothing and Polishing Stones

Designed to last, our smoothing and polishing stone offer diverse polishing tools for each task_ with the shape and texture that best fits the contour of your work surface. All our polishing stones are water-resistant, durable, and high performing.

Discover all categories here.

  1. Smoothing and Polishing Stones
  2. Smoothing and Polishing Stone Sets
  3. Semiflexible and Long-Lasting Smoothing and Polishing Stones
  4. Smoothing and Polishing Stones for EDM Scale Removal
  5. Fast-Cutting Smoothing and Polishing Stones
  6. Smoothing and Polishing Stones for Stainless Steel and Hard Metals
  7. Smoothing and Polishing Stones for Aluminum and Soft Metals

Lapping Compounds

Our lapping compounds are superior quality abrasives with a hardness and chemical resistance equivalent to diamond. They are used for hard machining and polishing materials by lapping, sawing, or ultrasonic drilling, ultrasonic boring of glass, semi-precious stones, and ceramics. See all categories below.

  1. Diamond Lapping Paste
  2. Diamond Lapping Paste Assortments
  3. Lubricants for Diamond Lapping Pastes
  4. Diamond Lapping Slurries
  5. Clover Lapping Paste Assortments
  6. Clover Lapping Paste
  7. Long-Lasting Lapping Pastes
  8. Lapping Paste
  9. Lapping Pastes for Curved Stainless Steel and Hard Metal Surfaces
  10. Lapping Paste for Stainless Steel and Hard Metals
  11. Lapping Pastes for Aluminum and Soft Metals

Lapping Film

Offering the best ways to get an intensely sharp edge on knives and tools, McMasters Carr Lapping Film delivers premium consistency for sharpening. All our films result in a very fine grit level of sharpening as a safer and faster replacement for diamond slurries or strops. Check all categories below:

  1. Multipurpose Lapping Film
  2. Lapping Film for Aluminum and Soft Metals
  3. Lapping Film for Glass and Ceramics
  4. Diamond Lapping Film

Lapping Grains

Discover our selection of lapping grains, including numerous products in a wide array of styles and sizes. Choose from our products for various surface finishing operations as the grinding agent at typically low speeds. Find all products here:

  1. Timesaving Lapping Grain Assortments
  2. Timesaving Lapping Grains
  3. Lapping Grains
  4. Lapping Grains for Glass and Ceramics
  5. Timesaving Lapping Grains for Aluminum and Soft Metals
  6. Diamond Lapping Grains


We offer a wide selection of reusable sanding sticks for different applications. Check out our sanding tools for plastic, wood and metal works, with waterproof, durable, and ergonomic features. See all products below.

  1. Multipurpose Sanding Sticks
  2. No-Dust Sanding Sticks
  3. Sanding Sticks for Aluminum, Soft Metals, and Nonmetals
  4. Nylon Mesh Cushioned Sanding Discs with Shank
  5. Multipurpose Sanding Bricks
  6. Robot-Ready Sanders

Tumbling and Vibrating Media

Designed for light, medium, and intense deburring applications, our tumbling and vibration media offer a wide selection to choose from. Tumbling media is a high-performing abrasive material used for finishing and polishing parts for various materials. See below.

  1. Fine-Polishing Media for Aluminum, Brass, and Soft Metals
  2. Light-Cleaning-and-Polishing Media for Aluminum, Brass, and Soft Metals
  3. Deburring and Edge-Rounding Media for Aluminum, Brass, and Soft Metals
  4. Mirror-Finish Polishing Media for Steel, Stainless Steel, and Hard Metals
  5. Fine-Polishing Media for Steel, Stainless Steel, and Hard Metals
  6. Deburring and Edge-Rounding Media for Steel, Stainless Steel, and Hard Metals
  7. Aggressive-Deburring Media for Steel, Stainless Steel, and Hard Metals
  8. Light-Deburring-and-Polishing Media for Steel, Stainless Steel, and Hard Metals

Tool Holding for Grinding, Sanding, and Polishing

Select from our wide range of buffing wheel chucks and tool holding for grinding, sanding, and polishing applications. Made to last, our kits also include mirror-finish buffing wheels, buffing wheels, and more. See all products below.

  1. Buffing Wheel Chucks
  2. Buffing Wheel Spindles for Hand-Held Power Tools
  3. Buffing Wheel Spindles for Straight Shafts
  4. Buffing Wheel Spindles for Tapered Shafts
  5. Wheel Arbors
  6. Tapered Shaft Arbors for Abrasive Wheels and Brushes

Cylinder Honing

Offering a wide selection of tools and accessories for cylinder honing. Our products include multipurpose honing stones for different surfaces. Using the lates technology, our products offer a certain grit applied with precise pressure and speed to form the desired cross-hatch pattern. See all categories below.

  1. Multipurpose Flexible Cylinder Hones
  2. Flexible Cylinder Hones for Hard Metals
  3. Flexible Cylinder Hones for Aluminum and Soft Metals
  4. Flexible Precision-Finish Cylinder Hones
  5. Precision-Finish Cylinder Hones


Remove scratches and polish surfaces without worrying about damaging the work surface with our wide range of polishers and cleaners. We provide specialized tools and accessories for different materials and polishing applications. Discover more below.

  1. Plastic Polish/Cleaners
  2. Scratch Removers for Plastic
  3. Aluminum Polish/Cleaner/Protectants
  4. Metal Brighteners
  5. Mold Polish
  6. Metal Polish/Cleaner/Protectants
  7. Paint Polishing and Refinishing System
  8. Clean Room Metal Polish/Cleaners
  9. Furniture Polish
  10. Fiberglass Polish/Cleaner/Protectants
  11. Aluminum Cleaner/Brighteners
  12. Stainless Steel Polish/Cleaners
  13. Plastic Cleaners
  14. Stone Polish/Cleaners
  15. Stainless Steel Cleaner/Protectants
  16. Stainless Steel Surface Restorers
  17. Simple Green Aluminum Cleaners
  18. Rubber Cleaners

Scale Removers for External Surfaces

Our scale removers are specially designed for outside of the cooling towers and condensers to remove cling, scale, and mineral deposits. See below.

  1. Scale Removers for External Surfaces

Rags, Wipes, and Sponges

Choose from our general and industrial use cleaning wipes, floor rags, and sponges- suitable for residential and workplace applications. See below.

  1. Microfiber Polishing Wipes
  2. Microfiber Cleaning Wipes
  3. Chamois
  4. Cheesecloth

Powered Floor Cleaners and Brushes

We have the right floor cleaning solutions for your residential, industrial and commercial spaces, whether to clean, polish, or remove dirt from the floor. Check out all our categories of powered cleaners and brushes with high-performing features, ergonomic structure, and a long life cycle. Discover all products below.

  1. Pads for Swing-Style Floor Buffer/Scrubbers
  2. Pads for Compact Swing-Style Floor Buffer/Scrubbers
  3. Pads for High-Speed Floor Burnishers
  4. Pad Centering Attachments for Swing-Style Buffer/Scrubbers
  5. Brushes for Compact Swing-Style Floor Buffer/Scrubbers
  6. Pad Holders for Swing-Style Floor Buffer/Scrubbers
  7. High-Speed Floor Burnishers
  8. Swing-Style Floor Buffer/Scrubbers
  9. Compact Swing-Style Floor Buffer/Scrubbers

Raw Materials

The small accessories can make your abrading and polishing application safe and highly proficient. Check our variety of raw materials for polishing, including wear-resistant wax, compounds to create a lustrous finish, a variety of felts, fabrics, and more. Discover all categories below.

  1. Polishing Wax
  2. Firm Felt Sheets and Strips
  3. Firm Felt Discs
  4. Soft Felt Lining Sheets
  5. Soft Felt Sheets and Strips
  6. Hard Felt
  7. Synthetic Felt
  8. Muslin Cheesecloth Fabric
  9. Chemicals

Smoothing and Polishing Solvents for 3D-Printed Plastics

This solvent is used in a variety of applications to remove ridges from 3D-printed plastic pieces while adding to its luster with a polished finish.

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