RAAH Pallet Cage is a much safer way to move pallets besides standard pallet forks.

Excellent source of a safer way to move pallet dynamic lifts from work boats to rigs.

The riggers are getting adjusted to using adjusted to using the tools. They weren’t totally buying initially but now they have a better understanding of the safety aspects. They have a better appreciation of not putting themselves in the line of fire as they become more comfortable with the tools

Provided us with solutions for Safe Restraint of our high pressure hoses. Whipcheck, Whipsocks and Chokers were used on our high pressure hoses with varying PSI and varying service of Air, Fluids, Sour Gas.

It is designed very well. Robust and functional with hook for grabbing and wide tip for pushing

A barge Captain

Simple use and yet helps to prevent hands contact with the material thus assuring no injuries. Workers use it easily as it is a easy application to use .

HSE Manager

FingerSaver and Stiffy tools have definitely prevented injuries.

The Pro Pipe Gripper Tool best meet our needs.

No hand and finger safety related injuries ever since


Please also thank your technical team for their support in completing our project.

April 2013

The recent project was completed showing a reduction in location relocating costs by almost 8%.... You and your team had a significant role in this. Looking forward to your continued support and cooperation for our prestigious project!

March 2013

We would like to place on records by appreciating all of your support/effort and dedication in tiding over the situation and sincerely convey our gratitude from the bottom of our hearts. You and your team deserves more than ‘A big Thank You'

November 2013

We are pleased to inform that OGT crisis has been settled down and we are now ready to resume the gas production and sales earlier than the expected schedule! This would not have been possible without your unprecedented efforts and cooperation in meeting with our most urgent requirement of materials at Site.

December 2013

The Stiffy Tool is simple and yet very effective in saving fingers, hands and arms by avoiding pinch points and crush points. Highly recommended.

June 2014

The resourcefulness of the RAAH team is appreciated, especially in getting us the equivalents of the obsolete part numbers.

August 2014

Going the extra mile for our client is our commitment to the client and with trained experienced staff, we are able to do this with ease.