We carry more than 400 brands and deal in a wide range of products Mechanical - Electrical - Instrumentation - Safety.

Product Range

Mechanical: Tools and Supplies

We carry a wide range of Mechanical Tools and Supplies required by a wide range of technicians and operators. Dealing in worldwide Quality brands approved and accepted by all major industries.

Raah Safety

Offering a complete range of total Safety Solutions. Specializing in hand-free safety products RAAH is a distributor for Stiffy Tools. Our range includes PPE, Firefighting, Fall Protection, Equipment & Technologies, Communication, Emergency Responses, Gas Detection, Specialized Safety and Training.


For Instrumentation we carry a wide range of products required for Calibration layout and Machine setup, Dimensional measuring tools, Inspecting detecting and testing tools, Liquid flow and liquid level measuring tools, motion speed measuring instruments, pressure, temperature measuring tools, Statistical process control and electronic measuring equipment and many more.


RAAH is a distributor for SF Electricals, a French brand with 100% of their factories located in France.SFE is a major actor in electrical risk prevention equipment as well as construction and network management equipment. In addition we can range of Electrical Testing Equipments & Tools, Electrical Consumables, Cables & Lighting Solutions.

EgaMaster - Tool and Supplies

Raah International - Authorised dealers for Egamaster Spain - Range of Tools and Supplies
Egamaster is One Stop Solution for your Mechanical - Safety Tooling needs. Raah International offers complete range of Egamaster tools in USA