Some of our strengths that make us the most reliable business partner to work with.

RAAH International understands and supports the four stages of project management, namely Exploration and Development, Production and Operations.

As the best outsourcing partner for supply chain management, we provide the following:

Sourcing of quality goods and services through experience and in-depth understanding of the products required at each of the three stages is our strength. This enables the client to concentrate on their exploration, development, production activities and eventually concentrate on their operations. Clients are relieved of sourcing for the best price of all the products required at any or all of the 4 stages. Read more about our procurement capabilities in the next section.

Collation and Repackaging of Materials for Just In Time delivery:

RAAH international understands that need for  purchase in bulk for cost saving and storing it in temporary locations to despatch as an when required. With 40 years of experience in dealing with local authorities, RAAH International prides itself in understanding the regulations for shipping and custom clearance within the region.

Transportation and Warehousing Services:

Raah International has warehousing and storage facilities in strategic locations in US, Singapore and UK to ensure smooth delivery. With a combination of warehousing and logistics facility in various locations, Raah International is able to control the day to day flow of materials and goods down the supply chain.




After Sales Services:

Our experts work with you even after delivery of products. They will provide technical expertise and recommend solutions to streamline processes.


  • Quality Products
  • Timely Delivery
  • Best Price
  • After Sales Service



  • Capability to offer alternative products and services
  • Thorough understanding of Project management support
  • Ability to capitalize on our presence in prime locations in Singapore, US, UK and India
  • In-house capability to optimize technology for innovative solutions


Because of our global presence, good relations with suppliers and that we are distributors for many brands, our value promise is efficiency, quality products, competitive pricing and after sales service.

We have an in-house team of experts who knows the products very well and are able to offer alternative products or if you give us an obsolete part number we are able to track the new part number for you.


  • In-depth knowledge of market trends
  • Detailed product knowledge
  • Aggressive and knowledgeable sales team
  • Experienced and proficient procurement team
  • Ability to get the right price
  • Distributor to safety ‘hands-free’ tools
  • Ability to customize tools and hardware


Raah deals with over 400 brands of products and our knowledgeable procurement team has experience in dealing with clients in Oil and Gas, Aviation and Maritime sectors.

We are also able to customise specialised engineering products. Our factory in India manufactures specialised goods for Cummins and other companies.