July 2014

RAAH International set up its Headquarters in Singapore in 2010 and had launched its Logo in conjunction with the HQ. After 4 years, RAAH International has embarked on a rebranding exercise, keeping in mind its current growth and future expansions.

RAAH International proudly brings to you our new logo!

The new brand identity is intended to emphasise on the existing technical capabilities of RAAH and focus on the high-quality innovative solutions we provide. Projecting a strong sense of reliability and assurance to clients was crucial and hence, pivotal in the creation of the new logo.

The key industries in partnership with RAAH are the Oil & Gas, Marine and Aviation Industries. These industries are represented by the 3 emerging solid lines in the logo. Rising from a base then in all directions, the various lines communicate the versatility and diversity of services RAAH provides, ranging from procurement to the numerous logistics needed. It is this same reason the colour blue is being used here. Blue projects confidence, success and security, which inadvertently creates brand reliability as well.

Keeping in mind RAAH’s mission to strike a balance between cost, quality and efficiency, the symmetrical logo shows consistency and stability. The intersecting lines thus portrays the partnership between RAAH and their various clients - constantly working hand in hand to achieve their respective goals.

The chosen font type is kept clean and modern indicating fuss-free and on-target products and services.  Having it all in caps indicates power and dependability.